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Recording studio

Community Focused

As a Community Interest Company we must use our profits and assets for the public good.  Our community interested statement also commits us to providing activities for the benefit of  “musicians and music lovers in the Harborough  District and surrounding areas of all ages and abilities, in particular young people from all backgrounds who are looking to further their interests in music”.

Rehearsal rooms

Music For All

Our aim is to provide a wide range of inclusive workshops and activities suitable for anyone interested in music, regardless of age or ability. We will also be looking to continue our work with local schools and community groups, establish long-term projects relevant to today’s music industry and provide volunteering and apprenticeship opportunities alongside our recording and rehearsal facilities.

Workshops and tuition

Local Needs

The benefits of music-related activity are well documented, yet many local musicians are currently forced to travel outside of the Harborough District to find the services they need. By establishing RFM Studios, we will help build a vibrant local music scene and improve access to music for all sections of the community, including schools, community groups and individuals.

Creative Performance Gigs


Located on Symington Rec off St Mary’s Road in Market Harborough, our purpose-built studio will house two multi-functional recording and rehearsal rooms, that will also be used as classrooms for workshops and other activities. Construction started in May 2015 and we hope to complete the facility in early 2016.


Brickwork Studios, Symingtons Recreation Ground, St Mary\'s Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE167DN
01858 431 712

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